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Medium Term Scheduler

Comparison between Scheduler

S.N. Long Term Scheduler Short Term Scheduler Medium Term Scheduler
1 It is a job scheduler It is a CPU scheduler It is a process swapping scheduler.
2 Speed is lesser than short term scheduler Speed is fastest among other two Speed is in between both short and long term scheduler.
3 It controls the degree of multiprogramming It provides lesser control over degree of multiprogramming It reduces the degree of multiprogramming.
4 It is almost absent or minimal in time sharing system It is also minimal in time sharing system It is a part of Time sharing systems.
5 It selects processes from pool and loads them into memory for execution It selects those processes which are ready to execute It can re-introduce the process into memory and execution can be continued.

Context Switch


First Come First Serve Scheduling Algorithm


Shortest Job First Scheduling Algorithm


Priority Scheduling Algorithm


Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm


Multi Queue Scheduling Algorithm


Single vs Multithreaded Process

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